Sunday, February 20, 2011

DUI Legislation Introduced in the Tennessee House 2011

The following are ten House Bills introduced in 2011 that effect DUI Laws in Tennessee.

  1. DUI Offenses - As introduced, lowers the DUI enhancement that would require an ignition interlock from .15 percent to .08 percent and removes the DUI enhancements that would require an ignition interlock relative to implied consent. HB0138
  2. DUI Offenses - As introduced, increases the classification of the offense for DUI with a child in the car from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class E felony; requires the court to report to the department of children's services the name of any person convicted of DUI who, at the time of such violation, was accompanied by a child and the person was the parent or legal guardian of such child. HB0141
  3. DUI Offenses - As introduced, increases the minimum time that a driver license may be revoked for third and fourth and subsequent DUI convictions from three and five years to six and eight years. HB0394
  4. DUI Offenses - As introduced, increases the application fee for a restricted license, after having a driver license suspended based on a failure by a driver to submit to tests determining blood alcohol content, from $20.00 to $50.00; increases the fine for both the offense and the delinquent act of underage driving while impaired from $250 to $500. HB0446
  5. DUI Offenses - As introduced, allows person issued a restricted driver license to drive to and from a doctor's office, hospital, pharmacy or other location to obtain necessary medical care or to obtain an item for which the person has a prescription. HB0582 
  6. DUI Offenses - As introduced, increases the penalty for the offense of boating under the influence of an intoxicant to approximate DUI penalties.HB0610
  7. DUI Offenses - As introduced, provides that if a person with a prior DUI commits another one and is being released on bail, rather than denying bond because the defendant poses a danger to the community, the court or judicial commissioner may set conditions on the bond to eliminate the danger posed by the defendant. HB0718
  8. Criminal Offenses - As introduced, creates a per se DUI offense for driving with Schedule I or II drugs in a person's system unless the person has a valid prescription for the Schedule II drug. HB0942
  9. DUI Offenses - As introduced, requires a court prior to accepting a guilty plea or a verdict or finding of guilty for a violation of Section 55-10-401, to review the defendant’s official driver record maintained by the department to determine the factual basis for determining whether a defendant is a repeat or multiple offender.HB1275 
  10. DUI Offenses - As introduced, requires an officer to immediately cause a driver to submit to a test to determine the alcohol or drug content of the driver's blood if the officer has probable cause to believe that the driver was driving under the influence and such driving resulted in an accident causing injury or death to another. HB1894
We will keep changes in the status in the legislation posted as it occurs.

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