Saturday, March 5, 2011

TN Supreme Court Repeals Rule 37 in its Entirety Effective March 2, 2011

The Tennessee Supreme Court repealed Rule 37 in its entirety, effective March 2, 2011.  For all pending appeals governed by Rule 37, but in which the mediation process was not completed as of the filing of March 2nd, the mediation process may be terminated, and the mediator and the parties are relieved of their responsibility to make any post-mediation filing previously required by Tenn. Sup. Ct. R. 37.

The repeal of Rule 37 does not relieve the parties of their liability for payment of the cost of services rendered by a mediator pursuant to the Rule; Rule 37shall be deemed to continue to apply to all cases in which such payment has not been made as of the filing of this order.

In 2001, the TN Supreme Court adopted Rule 37, establishing a mandatory mediation program for appeals in workers' compensation cases.

Not a criminal case, rule, or issue but a significant rule change that we though we should post.

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