Thursday, May 26, 2011

John Edwards 'did not break the law,' Greg Craig says. US Attorney ready to Indict.

John Edwards 'did not break the law,' Greg Craig says. The US Attorney in Raleigh appears ready to indict, at issue is campaign money that came from at least two Edwards supporters during his presidential run. 

The allegations stem from criminal campaign finance violations in connection with his affair with Rielle Hunter. Specifically contributions from his national campaign finance chairman, Fred Baron, who died in 2008, and banking heiress Rachel "Bunny" Mellon, who is 100.  The fact that Barron died and that Bunny Mellon is 100 has made the investigation long (two years) and ponderous.
Baron provided hundreds of thousands of dollars and loaned his Aspen, Colo., estate to Hunter for Edwards benefit, allegedly to cover Edwards fathering her child.  Mellon provided about $700,000 in campaign contributions and Edwards referred to her generosity as "Bunny money."
Former White House counsel Greg Craig is representing Edwards and the fact that he is lashing out so hard against prosecutors tells me two things.  First, no deal has been worked out with the government.  Second, a decision on the indictment is near.  After a two year investigation and the sordid details of the affair, and worse yet, the cover up by Edwards including having a staffer (and father of three) claim fatherhood of Hunter's child surely points in the direction of an indictment.  

For more on this developing situation see the Washington Post, Politico, and the Charlotte NewsObserver.

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